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Scholarship Fund

The Vera and Julius Dreyfous Scholarship Fund

In 1961, in memory of their mother, Vera Scherck Dreyfous, John Dreyfous and Carol Dreyfous Eiseman established a scholarship fund to help finance the education of needy college students. As Rabbi Julian Feibelman publicized the fund, there were applications from Xavier, Dillard, Delgado, and U.N.O.

The first recipient was a 17 year old girl who had graduated from Xavier Prep. She wished to attend Xavier University to become a teacher. Since the university had depleted its loan fund, this young student applied to The Vera Dreyfous Scholarship Fund. After being approved, she wrote:

Dear Mrs. Eiseman:

I want to thank both you and your brother for having made it possible for me to attend Xavier University this fall. I am very grateful and happy that

Dr. Julian Feibelman recommended me.

During the coming years, I shall try my very best to prove myself worthy of this scholarship by studying to the best of my ability.

May God bless you both for your kindness.”


In 1976, the fund became The Vera and Julius Dreyfous Scholarship Fund, and in 1981, The Scholarship Fund became officially a fund of Temple Sinai. A student nurse, and other needy students have benefited over the years. As donations for special occasions continue to support The Vera and Julius Dreyfous Fund at Temple Sinai, this fund will provide books and partial scholarships. The Scholarship Fund therefore, can make a difference in the future lives of worthy college students.