Felix Dreyfous

A Life of Integrity and Service

Remembered with Love

based on the Felix J. Dreyfous Papers
and Memories of his daughter, Ruth Dreyfous
with Bobbie Malone

New Orleans — 1995

Biography (pdf)

Letters (pdf)

Letters Appendix (pdf)

Biography by William D. Reeves (pdf)

  • Emile Dreyfous, Felix Dreyfous, Jules Dreyfous
  • Felix
  • Felix at Jackson Ave. holding Ruth with Caroline at center and George at right
  • From left- Julius, Caroline, Julia, Ruth, George top Felix
  • Professional Photograph
  • Caricature
  • Julius, Carol, and Felix
  • Felix and Carol
  • Felix, John and Julia
  • Marcel Montreuil, City Park Superintendent; Felix J. Dreyfous, City Park President, F. Julius Dreyfous, architect of Municipal Stadium
  • Felix and Julia's Golden Wedding Anniversary
  • Felix with City Park original minutes book
  • Felix Dreyfous
  • Felix